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He’s Got a Gun! Quick! Grab the Ruler!

You need to watch this. The Department of Homeland Security has released (another) “informational video” (complete with creepy music!) about what to do if you’re caught in an “active shooter situation”. First of all, thank God we have this vaguely … Continue reading

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Thievery in Lexington

Generally, I know when I’ve had a good show if I get hate mail and angry calls from bureaucrats about it. By that standard, today was a monumental success. You see, here in Lexington our mayor put together a commission and … Continue reading

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Yes, It WAS God’s Will That You Win That Game

Hey, my fellow Christians, we need to have an in-house discussion. Listen, we have got to stop mocking and scolding people for publicly praising God. I’ve noticed this a lot recently, especially in the last couple of years. Sure, we … Continue reading

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The Worst and Most Expensive Idea on the Planet

I’ve got a deal for you. First, give me 90 thousand dollars. Don’t worry, if you don’t have it just borrow the cash from the bank. You’ll be guaranteeing yourself many years of debt but it will all be worth … Continue reading

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Why Are We Arguing About Immigration?

A group of senators have come up with a “bi-partisan” plan to deal with illegal immigrants. I’ve read about their plan but you don’t need to. Anytime you hear “bi-partisan” attached to anything coming out of Washington, you know it’s … Continue reading

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Cracker Barrel: A Cultural Metaphor

Something happened at Cracker Barrel today that I’d like to discuss. The lady in the booth next to us actually asked the waitress if the “Mama’s Pancake Special” is “healthy”. Yes, this woman pretended to be concerned about nutrition while … Continue reading

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Largest Annual Rights Rally in the World Not News Worthy

Close to half a million people are rallying in DC today to march for the greatest civil rights cause of our time. But this is nothing new. These pro-lifers have been doing this every year for 4 decades. Every year, … Continue reading

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Why the Media Only Reports Negative Stories (It’s Your Fault)

I’ll usually be the first to criticize the media. They give us all plenty of reasons to be critical of them. But, generally, I won’t be among the many to attack them for concentrating and reporting on only the “negative” … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton is a Lying Degenerate, But That’s Besides the Point

Hillary Clinton testified about Benghazi in front of a Congressional committee today. Now that committee will present its “findings” to another committee, which will convene a committee to talk about the committee, which of course will result in a committee … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Public School System is the Public School System

Every day there’s another story in the news about total insanity and confusion in the public school system. Every week you could write a new book as thick as the Bible on the subject. And every week it would be the saddest, most depressingly bleak and apocalyptic … Continue reading

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