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The Politicization of the Newtown Shooting


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Lord, Heal Us

This is a day when I hate my job. I don’t want to go on the air and talk about 26 people being killed at an elementary school. I don’t want to talk about 18 children being slaughtered by a … Continue reading

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ESPN: “Is RG3 Black Enough?”

Another sports analyst has decided to enlighten us with his penetrating social commentary. This time it’s Rob Parker over at ESPN. This scholarly sage opined in profound fashion about Robert Griffin III, saying the following: “He’s not really down with … Continue reading

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Repeat It Until You Believe It: Men and Women Are EXACTLY the Same

  We live in an insane society. I mean, collectively we might be the most confused bunch of lunatics to ever walk planet Earth. There are many developments over the last several decades that lend credence to my assertion, not … Continue reading

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Let’s All Celebrate Our Differences By Pretending They Don’t Exist

  Controversy! Controversy! We’ve gotta have a new one everyday, right? Well today’s Outrage Special comes to us from Woodford County High School here in Kentucky. A letter was apparently sent home to some families a few days ago that … Continue reading

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Top Three Things To Fear

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Liberty Activists: Please Reject This Foolish Attention Starved Fraud

There’s a viral video getting a lot of attention today of a confrontation between a University of Kentucky student and a few campus police officers (watch it here, lots of explicit language). I’ll sum up the exchange: the kid sets up … Continue reading

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